Anyone Out There?

Maybe we could find out about aliens by shooting our bags of garbage into the universe. ETs are probably extremely environmentally friendly and intellectual (well they built the pyramids, didn't they?) so they would just get angry and shoot it right back. If burning bags of garbage shoot into our atmosphere, case closed. Aliens exist. And they are pissed right off.

Doug Burgett

Personally, I think this is a brilliant solution. Although, I’m not one to get hung up on details. Obviously the writers at Universe Today are concerned with the logistics since they have an article stating why we can’t launch garbage into space. Stupid details.


Thanks for the blessing, Doug. It’s a good thing we have experts out there who can address these serious issues in a serious manner.


Whatever, aliens probably like having flaming garbage piled onto to them. They’re vile creatures, regardless of their supposed intellect. If we tempt them they’ll just come here and suck all of our brains. I hate your idea.

Rachel Gertz

Rachel Gertz

@Swail Well said.  You’re probably right, but if you’re not, I’m totally sending the aliens your way first. Hope you have a lot of brains to suck.

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