Why bother reading this blog? You won’t find hard facts, you won’t be a part of a bigger plethora of political or sociological debate. You certainly won’t be regarded with greater respect. But it’s damn good fun.

The Stray Muse is a collection of odd but riveting considerations, thinking patterns, and bald faced statements that flip all norms on their flat heads with a wink and a smile. Just don’t be offended if your anarchistic soul loves it.

Rachel Gertz author

Having recently wasted five years on a teaching degree she isn’t likely to use, Rachel now mulls over the human condition, questions psycho literal babble for fun, and offers opinionated rhetoric regarding the trepidatious bullshit washing over our world. She also likes to make up words.

Travis Gertz designer

An eye for the zany and an affection for downright delicious design, Travis also grows a great moustache. He puts love into everything he does including his photography, web design, and art directed publishing. Sprouting patience like chest hair, Trav puts up with his wife’s oddball thinking to create worldly harmony between thought and design.