What’s The Measure?

Are humans actually the measure of all things? Or are they just a part of a size chart where they happened to fit into the mix? Take, for example, the sizes of insects > trees > whales versus microscopic bacteria.

Is it a coincidence that most of the naturally occurring things we eat such as eggs, and fruit are sized precisely to fit into the palm of our hands? Imagine a world, where the majority of food was minuscule or perhaps too large to eat in one sitting. Where would that leave us?

The Golden ratio (1.618…) asserts some power over the general ordering of plants and animals in the world. So there does appear to be a mathematical logic behind the whole thing. Still, humans seem so self-assured that the world was built to suit them and their needs.

BTW: Is the blue whale the largest animal on earth today? And if so, why does it stop at like 90 or 100 feet? What kind of regulating force is causing animals to top out at 100 feet? Okay, aside from the size of our planet. Dragonflies used to be huge in the Palaeolithic era.

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