We Are The Warriors

What would thou doest for a Unicat shirt?

Our noble champions have stepped forward at SXSW to prove their love for the beast. They have done things that can only be shown via the secrecy of live video broadcasting. Be privy to the magic…

In the name of the The Stray Muse's mighty Unicat; we salute you!

Pride of the Unicat

These brave individuals are the best of the best, my friends. The créme, if you will.

  • Jon takes a brisk run through Austin.

  • Christian takes a dip.
    (Speaking of dip, you should check out his new project, Forkinit.)

  • Torrey was brave enough to let Travis a draw a Unicat on the side of his face.

  • Alex takes a shot out of Ben's shoe.



Thanks for posting so I can feel like the normal one for once. Shirt would have to be made out of silk to even get me to consider half the stuff these people did. Props to them though!

And you guys never had t-shirts when we hung out :(

Rachel Gertz

@Scrivs Silk. You’re telling me you would work for a silk Unicat shirt? Umm…

Maybe you could get into your time machine and go back to 1992 when people actually wore silk shirts on purpose. Then maybe we could talk. ; 0)

Sorry you missed the free ones. I’m pretty sure you can still impress us with your mightiness. Do you have any special talents?

Impart your divine wisdom upon us